Intro Tea

We take the best Taiwanese loose tea leaves selected by Kiki and use the revolutionary BKON brewing technology to gently and fully extract the tea flavours and goodness. Every drop is of a rich complexity and unparalleled purity, to enjoy on its ownor in our house signatures.

Original or with Fresh Milk, topped with Cream Mousse, Teapressobrewed-to-order or with our Handmade Pearls–classic, brown sugar or Sichuan pepper, we got your perfect cup of tea!

* Fixed Sweetness
** Fixed Sweetness & Ice

Add Pearls +$5

Brown Sugar Pearls Taro Pearls

Sichuan Pepper Flavored Pearls ( Limited )

Chinese Herbal Tea Pearls ( Limited )

Add Cream Mousse +$6

Sea Salt & Cheese

Caramel & Nuts


Normal 50%, Less 30%, Zero 0% (Original Tea Only)


Normal 70%, Less 30%, Zero 0%

10     8

5     4

4     4

15     10

2     1