Embracing the old and beloved spirit of a traditional marketplace, Sun’s Bazaar is inspired from Asia’s incredible rich culinary history, through an array of irresistible and tasty recipes.

From local favourite noodles anchored in Hong Kong’s food heritage through to Vietnamese’s iconic Phở, popular Hainan Chicken, Malaysian’s must Laksa or Taiwanese’s sensation Kiki noodles, the Menu is a crossroad between flavours from near and far that will satisfy any palate.

The Tea Bar offers unique sips using tea leaves curated by KiKi to create signature infusions, featuring freshly pressed premium blends with fruits, handmade pearl or milk cap teas.

The spacious venue is dressed in warm earth tones, punctuated with spark of and colorful mural paintings that all together create a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere, reminiscing of local street markets and inviting to sit back, mingle and dine…