Sun Bazaar | Tea
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About KiKi Tea

KiKi Tea, an extended product line of KiKi, offers Taiwanese tea and bubbles sensation that directly imports the expertise and authentic taste of tea drinks from Taiwan. From authentic recipes, quality ingredients, professional training by Taiwan Tearistas, to the evolutionary use of BKON Craft Brewer™ in Asia, KiKi Tea is spreading the passion in Taiwan tea culture to modern diners.

KiKi Tea was first launched in Hong Kong and situated in Sun’s Bazaar, Pacific Place at Admiralty on September, 2018. A cluster of customers was attracted during the opening period. Almost 1,000 cups of KiKi Tea were sold on the busiest day. Ever since the opening, KiKi Tea has been projected as a hip, innovative and healthy tea drink brand. Having followers from leading KOLs and Asian celebrities like Ms. Shu Qi and Ms. Sammi Cheng, also with massive coverage in local prominent food and lifestyle media platforms.

Following the success of the Pacific Place shop, KiKi Tea is continuing the legend by launching the second shop at Telford Kowloon Bay. Housed in the MCL complex, KiKi Tea Telford features a wide range of KiKi Tea selections and KiKi cold brewed tea, providing a healthier drink option for movie-goers.